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Geosciences, Geo-engineering and the Ocean in the Pacific Islands Region



Septemper 2015 2016 Meeting Dates                            Tentative Dates
October 2015

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December 2015

STAR 2016 Conference First Circular & Call for Papers                

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Confirmed Dates
February 2016

CPC-NIWA-STAR Circum-Pacific Deep Sea Mining Workshop, Fiji, 4 June 

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Side event, Deep Sea Mining EIA
February 2016 EU-SPC Deep Sea Minerals Project, Final Project Steering Committee Meeting, 3 June 
Side event, CLOSED Meeting
April 2016

STAR 2016 Second Circular 

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April 2016

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April 2016

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May 2016

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May 2016

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May 2016

CPC-NIWA Deep Sea Mining Workshop, 4 June 2016, Final Programme

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1-day pre-STAR Workshop Programme
May 2016

Firstdraft Book of Abstracts STAR 2016 Conference (for comments)

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May 2016

Firstdraft STAR 2016 Conference Programme (for comments)

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May 2016 Conference Field Trip - Registrations after 20th May, no guarantees YASAWA FIELD TRIP 52 spaces SOLD OUT!
May 2016

STAR 2016 Abstract Volume and Abstract Programme as at 27 May 2016

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Programme @ 27 May; Post 1st-draft comments version; Abstracts book hardcopies at Nadi
June 2016

STAR 2016 Yasawa Islands Field Trip Notes

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Notes on Geology of Yasawa Islands by Peter Rodda (unpublished)
June 2016 

STAR 2016 Conference Third Circular


3rd & final conference circular
June 2016

STAR 2016 Conference Final Abstract Volume


Abstracts, final set
June 2016

STAR 2016 Conference Final Programme


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June 2016

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Participants at STAR 2016 and preceding meetings

 Star Annual Report 2015-2016




1 1 Mar KUMUL, Conrad MRA (PNG) Preliminary thermal water classification of West New Britain Province, Papua New Guinea [WITHDRAWN]
2 2 Mar KILAMANU, Willie MRA (PNG) Surface and drill-hole geological and geochemical data capture, analysis, input and visualisation [PDF]
3 4 Mar SAROA, Dulcie; LAHAN, Maxine MRA (PNG) Geothermal expressions and its associations with faulting in the Wau Bulolo region, Morobe Province, Papua New Guinea [WITHDRAWN]
4 22 Mar LAHAN, Maxine MRA (PNG) An overview of surface geothermal exploration in Papua New Guinea
5 22 Mar BARNICOAT, Andrew GA (Australia) Disaster Risk Reduction challenges in the Pacific: An Australian perspective
6 23 Mar WICHMAN, Marino Seabed Minerals Authority (CK) Development of the database for seabed minerals activities by the Cook Islands Seabed Minerals Authority
7 24 Mar
Zealandia: the Southwest Pacific's hidden continent
8 24 Mar
MARTIN, A.P., Heron, D.W., Turnbull, R.E., Mortimer, N.
(POSTER) Assessing soil quality with a systematic geochemical baseline survey:  a New Zealand example applicable to the Pacific Islands
9 26 Mar   SEO, Seung-Nam Seo  KIOST  Reclamation and channel dredging of the Korea South Pacific Ocean Research Center, Chuuk
10 28 Mar
PARK, Kwang-Soon; Heo, Ki-Young 
Development of operational oceanographic system for coastal disaster reduction
11 29 Mar BEAVIS, Sara; Beckmann, E.A ANU (POSTER) The Water Ethics Moot:  exploring the ethics of water management across the Pacific region
12 30 Mar RAMSAY, Doug; and others NIWA; and others Strengthening disaster and climate resilience of urban development in the Pacific [WITHDRAWN]
13 30 Mar RAMSAY, Doug; and others NIWA; and others Adaptation pathway development for community resilience in Kosrae [WITHDRAWN]
14 30 Mar HERON, David; and others GNS; and others New approaches to hazard and risk mapping, Vanuatu - developing safer communities
15 30 Mar LUKOVIC, Biljana; and others GNS; and Meteorology & Geohazards Dept. VU (POSTER) Development of tsunami evacuation maps, Port Vila and Luganville, Vanuatu
16 31 Mar SHERBURN, Steven; and others GNS; and Tonga Government Managing a volcanic eruption in a small island country: lessons from the 2014-15 eruption of Hunga Tonga - Hunga, Ha'apai in the Kingdom of Tonga
17 31 Mar YOO, Chanmin; and others KIOST; and NEXGEO Inc Resource estimation of polymetallic nodule deposits in the Clarion-Clipperton Fracture Zone, northeast Pacific
18 31 Mar LEE, Kwang Soo  KIOST  Role of ocean energy in the stand-alone microgrid system for green energy-independent island 
19 31 Mar PARK, Young-Gyu; Kim, Young Ho; Na, Hanna  KIOST  Could we predict tuna catch using ocean circulation data?
20 31 Mar KIM, Kyoungrean; and others  KIOST  (POSTER) Pilot study:  remediation of contaminated marine sediments for beneficial us
21 31 Mar LOCO, Amini; others  Pacific Community (GSD)  Assessment of water resources in atoll islands
22 31 Mar LEEVES, John; Quilter, Peter; Fakhruddin, Bapon  Tonkin & Taylor International Limited Rapid damage mapping - Tropical Cyclone Winston, Fiji 
23 31 Mar GARAEBITI, Esline; Todman, Sylvain; Lebellegard Vanuatu Meteorology and Geohazards Dept; and IRD Development and progress of the Oceania Regional Seismic Network (ORSNET) for tsunami early warning
24 31 Mar FAKHRUDDIN, Bapon Tonkin & Taylor International Limited Application of science and technology in the Sendai Framework 
25 31 Mar CROWLEY, Kate; and others NIWA; and others Towards the implementation of PARTneR :  Pacific Risk Tool for Resilience 
26 31 Mar WILLIAMS, Shaun University of Canterbury; and NIWA Preliminary 3000-year long tsunami and cyclone history for the Samoan islands based on sedimentary records 
27 1 Apr THIERRY, Hoibian; and others University of New Caledonia Sea currents monitoring in the northern part of the Wallis islands lagoon and global circulation pattern [WITHDRAWN]
28 1 Apr TODMAN, Sylvain; Mawa, Patricia; Garaebiti, Esline Vanuatu Meteorology and Geohazards Dept Warning information and dissemination platform in Vanuatu :  a new approach supported by the Common Alerting Protocol (CAP) 
29 1 Apr CHO, Seongick; Park, YoungJe KIOST (POSTER) Development of GOCI-II :  the next geostationary ocean color imager with potential application for the Pacific islands
30 1 Apr GALVIS-RODRIGUEZ, Sandra C., Sinclair, Peter Pacific Community (GSD) Abstraction and climate change impacts on the Bonriki freshwater lens, Tarawa, Kiribati:  an optimization approach to maximize the resource during droughts 
31 1 Apr SINCLAIR, Peter; Galvis-Rodriguez, Sandra C. Pacific Community (GSD) Sustainability of freshwater lenses in atoll environments 
32 1 Apr BLACKA, Matt; and others  University of New South Wales Update on UNSW Research Program for extreme waves and storm surge on fringing reef coastlines
33 1 Apr TAWAKE, Akuila; Wakefield, Jeffrey R. Pacific Community (GSD) Cost benefit analysis for deep sea minerals mining in the Pacific
34 1 Apr THIERRY, Hoibian; and others University of New Caledonia; and Wallis Islands Sea level and temperature variations from a tide and waves gauge recording at Wallis Islands during the recent pause of global warming [WITHDRAWN]
35 5 Apr LUNGE, Moira; Espi, Joseph O. PNG Mineral Resources Authority; and Geoexmin Trace element geochemistry of chalcopyrites and pyrites from Golpu and Nabonga North porphyry Cu-Au deposits, Wafi-Golpu mineral district, Papua New Guinea
36 7 Apr VAN DE POLL, Robert Fugro Asia Pacific :  25 Coastal States' Law of the Sea summary update (securing the seabed resources of the EEZ and ECS)
37 9 Apr  McCONNELL, Dan; Gharib, Jamshid (Jim); Kennedy, Paul Fugro Seafloor mapping for seafloor mineral exploration - technical overlap with approaches used in wide area high resolution search and large area cold seep mapping
38 19 Apr LAMARCHE, Geoffroy; Bonnifait, Cecile
NIWA & Atelierworkshop Architects From hazard assessment to village adaptation:  the village of Sa'anapu, Samoa
39 19 Apr LAMARCHE, Geoffroy; and others NIWA, UNSW, IRD, Universite Pierre et Marie Curie Combining scenario-based numerical modelling, post-disaster surveys, palaeo/historic investigations and traditional environmental knowledge to increase community resilience to tsunami hazard in the Southwest Pacific
40 20 Apr RONGO, Teina
Office of the Prime Minister, Cook Islands Government
Using local knowledge to understand climate variability and climate change in the Cook Islands
41 21 Apr EKO, Winterford Iriohe
PNG Department of MineraI Policy & Geohazards Management Papua New Guinea Geothermal Resource Policy [WITHDRAWN]
42 21 Apr POK, Seymour PNG Department of MineraI Policy & Geohazards Management Mine waste management in Papua New Guinea: practice and regulation [WITHDRAWN]
43 26 Apr BOSSERELLE, Cyprien and others Pacific Community (GSD)  Field investigations of coastal inundation and building damages from tropical cyclone Winston 
44 26 Apr DAMLAMIAN, Herve and others Pacific Community (GSD) The use of multirotor and fixed wings UAVs to assess 3D shoreline change patterns generated by tropical cyclone Pam (Category 5) in Vanuatu 2015
45 26 Apr BEGG, Zulfikar and others Pacific Community (GSD) El Nino coastal impact and recovery monitoring program, Kiritimati, Kiribati
46 26 Apr FORSTREUTER, Wolf; Faka'osi, Tevita Pacific Community (GSD); and Forestry Division, Tonga
Age estimation and form factor calculation of Pacific coconut palms
47 27 Apr SULLIVAN, Jonah IUCN High resolution biogeographic classification of regional oceans
27 Apr LEODORO, Michel; Bloomberg, Simon Department of Geology, Mines and Water Resources, Vanuatu Preliminary geothermal survey - Vanuatu:  Tanna and Ambrym
49 28 Apr MCMURTRY, Gary M. and others SOEST (UH), Fusion Energy Solutions of Hawai'i, Scripps, MKS (POSTER) Development of a field-portable Helium isotope detector for continuous monitoring of large earthquakes and volcanic unrest
50 28 Apr MCMURTRY, Gary M. and others SOEST & Microbiology Department of UH, KIGAM Towards in situ monitoring of submarine gas hydrate fields with the Deep-Ocean Mass Spectrometer (DOMS)
28 Apr SMITH, Robert B. Pacific Community (GSD) Atoll reclamation - a solution to pressing problems of land scarcity, water lens vulnerability, sea-level rise and climate change
52 28 Apr LAL, Andrick Pacific Community (GSD) Positioning in the Pacific islands
53 28 Apr ROSSER, Brenda; Dellow, Sally GNS Landslide mapping and hazard assessment in New Zealand
54 28 Apr CRONIN, Shane; and others University of Auckland Hunga Ha'apai-Hunga Tonga - birth of a new volcano and discovery of a new caldera
29 Apr ARTACK, Emily Pacific Community (GSD) Establishing the outer limits of maritime zones of Pacific island countries
56 29 Apr SON, Seung-Kyu; and others KIOST (POSTER) Searching active hydrothermal vent sites in the EEZ of the Republic of the Fiji islands using biogeochemical tracers
57 29 Apr YAKUB, Naushad IUCN MACBIO - assisting Pacific governments to manage marine resources
58 29 Apr SMILLIE, Robert; and others
GNS The role of geological mapping and innovative GIS applications for identifying natural resources potential:  the New Zealand QMAP experience
59 29 Apr PEARSON, Chris; Smillie, Robert University of Otago, GNS (POSTER) Datum modernization in the Pacific island developing states: key infrastructure for sustainable development and disaster risk reduction
60 29 Apr KAITU'U, Sione IUCN (MACBIO Project) Building GIS capacity from the ground up
61 29 Apr RAM, Arishma R; Cronin, Shane J; Brook, Martin University of Auckland (POSTER) Characteristics of slope failures induced by tropical cyclone Winston (20-21 Feb, 2016) along King's Road, northern Viti Levu, Fiji islands
62 29 Apr JOLLIFFE, James Pacific Community (GSD) The economic dimensions of relocation as an adaptation to climate change in Fiji
63 29 Apr PRASAD, Christine Pacific Community (GSD) (POSTER) SPC-EU Environmentally Safe Aggregate for Tarawa (ESAT) Project Overview
64 29 Apr ATALIFO, Vira Pacific Community (GSD) (POSTER) Deep sea minerals in the Pacific region and the potential mining impacts
65 29 Apr SMITH, Robert; Prasad, Christine Pacific Community (GSD) A geophysical and geological interpretation of northeast Tongatapu - the importance of it to understanding how climate variability drives social adaptation
66 29 Apr BURTON, John; Tawake, Akuila; and others PACE-NET (USP), Pacific Community (GSD) The Pacific centre for social responsibility and natural resources - a new research and policy hub
29 Apr HOEKE, Ron K; McInnes, Kathy L; and O'Grady, Julian G
CSIRO Multi-variate coastal inundation forecasting and risk analysis for the Pacific
68 29 Apr DAY, Christopher Mark Pacific Community (GSD) SPC-EU-GOK Environmentally Safe Aggregate for Tarawa (ESAT) - project overview [WITHDRAWN]
69 29 Apr LEONARD, Graham; Garaebiti, Esline; and others GNS, Vanuatu Meteorological and Geohazards Department, NDMO Vanuatu Development of a collaborative consistent volcano communication framework in Vanuatu: hazard maps, education, alert levels, bulletins, signs and procedures
70 29 Apr YEO, Stephen; and others
World Bank Flood risk management in the Pacific
71 2 May SIMPSON, Abraham SPREP Climate change research focus:  loss and damage associated with coastal hazards in Kosrae, Micronesia [WITHDRAWN]
72 3 May TAYLOR, Paul
Pacific Community (GSD) The 1946 eruption of Niuafo'ou Island, Tonga:  was an evacuation really warranted?
73 4 May BOURREL, Marie Pacific Community (GSD) Strengthening governance of Pacific island countries to ensure sustainable management of deep sea mineral resources [WITHDRAWN]
74 10 May SIMONS, Benjamin; Cronin, Shane; and others University of Auckland, Vanuatu Meteorological and Geohazards Department (POSTER) Drivers of variation in hazards at a persistently active volcano, Yasur, Vanuatu
75 25 May FORSTREUTER, Wolf
Pacific Community (GSD) Mapping village damage with space borne image data
76 25 May GREENE, H. Gary; and  Maher, Norman Moss Landing Marine Labs, Tahoe Maps Using a UAV to map and monitor environmental changes in lagoons, bays and sounds of the San Juan Archipelago for management purposes
77 25 May GREENE, H. Gary; Barrie, J. Vaughn; Conway, Kim; and  others Moss Landing Marine Labs, SeaDoc Tombolo Mapping Lab, Geological Survey of Canada, US Geological Survey, Pacific Gas & Electric Co. Assessing the seismic and tsunami hazards along a major transform plate boundary - the Queen Charlotte-Fairweather leaky transform fault system of Canada and Alaska
78 26 May SINGH, Sachindra Pacific Community (GSD) Provisioning spatial data infrastructure within Pacific island countries